The Institute

"Character Competence Commitment" are the three cornerstones on which the Xavier Institute of Management & Research (XIMR) stands.

Our avowed mission is to develop leaders for global business with these qualities, leaders who will make a difference to their organization and society. XIMR is a premier Jesuit B-school providing top quality management education in the city of Mumbai, and the western region of India. Our heritage building with its vibrant students, speaks the language of a rich history in the field of education, befitting the world’s largest education network. We are a B-school that continues to weave excellence into the fabric of our rich heritage.

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XIMR will be a pre-eminent, multi-cultural, global business school. It will advance global management knowledge and practice and will be sought after by Governments, Non-governmental organizations, Multinational corporations, and the media for its expertise in forming persons for others, and with others.


XIMR will develop leaders for global business with Character, Competence, and Commitment who will make a difference to their organisations, and to society at large

  • To develop students as global business leaders.
  • To mould students with Character, Competence and Commitment.
  • To encourage students to make a difference to their organisations, and society at large.


The values which drives Xavier Institute of Management & Research are:

  • MAG+S: always for the better
  • OMNIA SUNT POSSIBILIA: Infinite Possibilities.
  • Honestas et integritas: Integrity in All Things.
  • Cura Personalis: Care for the whole self.

We will accomplish this by

  • Providing high quality, innovative and relevant programs to students and working executives which will broaden their horizon and inculcate global business capabilities required for leadership in the global environment.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining high calibre faculty from all over the world to contribute to knowledge and practice in global business.
  • Enrolling students of high intellectual capability and leadership potential. We will strive for a cultural diversity in the classroom.
  • Creating a learning organization, emphasizing team work and free exchange of ideas.
  • Treating every individual with respect and dignity and creating an organization in which employees will be proud to belong.
  • Respecting the physical environment wherever we operate.
  • Developing the marginalized sections of society by the application of management knowledge and practice in emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • To develop and suport alumni who will prosper and support the alma mater.
The XIMR Symbol

The XIMR Symbol

This crest symbolizes the mission and aspiration of the Xavier Institute of Management & Research.

To learn is to soar and find your place in the sun Discoveries are endless and the possibilities infinite 'Omnia Sunt Possibilia'. There can be nothing more precious than knowledge.

The Campus

There’s always something amazing happening at XIMR.
Whether it’s on campus or around the Classrooms, our students, faculty and staff are out seizing the day.