Dr.(Fr). Conrad Pesso, S. J.

Executive Chairman

XIMR, Mumbai established in 2006 is the youngest member of the Jesuit Institutions of Higher Learning in India. The Jesuits are the world’s largest education network spanning continents. Our mission is to develop global entrepreneurial leaders with Character, Competence, and Commitment who will contribute to their organization, and society as a whole.

Today, we are faced with a complex crisis which is both social and environmental arising from the way in which human beings use and abuse the peoples and goods of the earth. A critical concern is also the growing inequality which leaves millions of people, especially the young and the vulnerable without opportunities for integration into society. Our social outreach to the poor and marginalized sections ensures that students are sensitized to the problems faced by a vast majority of our population. Through case studies, research projects, immersion studies, mentoring etc., our students are encouraged to create solutions for people at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

XIMR integrates values and ethics into our culture. We aim to develop leaders with others, and for others, embodying Character, Competence, and Commitment who will make a difference to their organizations, and to society as a whole.

The Jesuits have a deep commitment to academic excellence in India since 1869, as can be seen in our institutions like St. Xavier’s Kolkata, XLRI, Xavier University, Bhubaneshwar, XISS, Ranchi, Loyola, Chennai, St. Xavier’s Mumbai to name a few. Our committed faculty team blends rich corporate experience with academic insights to provide an intense learning experience. We focus on application of concepts and development of skills that ensure employability in the rapidly changing world of business through a mix of Case studies, assignments, projects etc. Current business concerns such as Sustainable Development, ESG Goals, UN Sustainable Development Goals etc. are incorporated into value-added courses to keep students updated on global developments impacting business.

Our executive placements and summer internships are all in reputed companies. Faculty also mentor students during the entire duration of the internship on one- to-one basis for optimal learning outcomes.

I welcome you to XIMR on a journey of Sustainable Management Education with innovation and excellence.

Prof. Dr. Vaidyanathan K. N


Global trade has historically led to progress and growth for participating countries. This has been borne out even 400 years before Adam Smith in the writings of Tunisian Scholar, Ibn Khaldun.

Today, the world is buffeted by headwinds of protectionism and trade nationalism, driven by the economic fallout of the COVID 19 pandemic, high and rising income inequality, anti-immigrant sentiments etc. However, it is a measure of interdependence today that despite all this, world trade in goods is expected to grow@16% in 2021 year on year (UNCTAD), surpassing pre-COVID levels!!

India has begun to revive and grow, but will face many challenges due to a changed Geo-Political environment in its neighbourhood. An Afghanistan-China-Pakistan axis may force India to re-orient its outlook towards the west (Free Trade Agreements with Europe, USA), Middle East (Saudi-UAE-Israel-India-USA), Africa (Japan-India in Africa v/s China), and as an active player in QUAD (Indo-Pacific).

Indian companies have to work with the Government in this transition, actively seeking new partners/locations, integrating with, or orchestrating new value chains in these geographies. Companies must take the lead in making India a preferred manufacturing base for Electric Vehicles, Satellite Launches, drone technologies, green technologies etc.

XIMR prepares students with a broad General Management perspective through our unique curriculum that combines University core courses with value added capsules such as Comparative Philosophy, Global Events Discussion and Analysis, Comparative Religion etc. Jesuit values of Character, Competence, and Commitment are inculcated throughout the course to create leaders with a global mind-set who will serve their organizations, and society as a whole.

We invite you to visit our 150 years old, heritage campus to get a first-hand experience of the XIMR experience.